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         Mairie de VIRY

         Le Bourg
        71120 VIRY

Telephone and Fax:  03 85 24 21 71

Opening hours:

The Town Hall is open to the public on Monday and Thursday morning from 9:00 until 12:00 hrs. 


If you would like to meet the Mayor, J.B. DESCHAMPS, you can make an appointment with his secretary at the Town Hall.
(For your information, the secretary of the Town Hall works on: Monday , Tuesday: 8:00-12:30 hrs. and Thursday: 8:30-12:30 hrs.)

Council Staff 
Secretary Town Hall:                    Mrs. Marianne PROST 
Civil servant technical service:   Mrs. Monique LIVET


Information officiel documents

Money, Foreign-Europe, Family, Training-Work, Justice, Housing, Leisure, Papers-Citizenship,
Social-Health, Transport.

Passenger transport on demand

- Persons 65 year or older.
- Persons with less mobility (permament or temperary).
- Persons looking for a job without a driving license or other means of transport .
This service is only available for persons living in the Canton Charolais









Renting the halls 
To book one of the halls, contact directly the Town Hall

Rental rates of the Village Party Hall 
With meal: 120 € (non-residents: 150 € ).
Meeting: 50 € (non-residents: 90 € ).

The KWh price for the consumed electricity is 0.26 € per KWh.

Rental of crockery : 40 €.

To make the reservation effective, a contract has to be signed.

A security deposit of 150 €  and a certificate of liability insurance will be required. 

Various prices

Concession cemetery :

Fifty years, 50 € per m². 

Non taxpayer, 500 €m².

Concession columbarium, fifty years, la case+plaque 850 €

1 plaque 125 €

Ash scattering 50 

Correspondant VIRY Internet website

If you have information or photos to share, please send a message with the material to both parties.

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